zAR: Empowering ZDMP with an Augmented Reality based maintenance service towards a zero-defect manufacturing 


- The correct maintenance of industrial machines is critical to achieve the zero defects paradigm promised by Industry4.0.
Augmented Reality (AR) is a key enabler to overcome this challenge. The ability to see information overlays on top of industrial machines has the potential to completely transform the areas of training and maintenance contributing to the zero-defect objective.



- The main objective of this sub-project is to develop a technical solution that will enable machine manufacturers and machine owners, to create customized Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces for their industrial machines.

- By clicking on the virtual interface elements, machine technicians would be able to fetch machine related data such as documentation (manual, schematics), tutorials (training, maintenance) and key performance indicators (status, cycle times, production graphs, etc.).

- Towards this goal, the development of this solution will make use of components made available by the ZDMP project (www.zdmp.eu). Allbesmart’s solution will serve as the middleware between the ZDMP platform and external AR applications for Industry 4.0.  

Project KPIs

Project KPIs

AR baseline interface

AR baseline

Use Cases

- To validate the developed software (our zComponent and companion AR application - zApp), this sub-project targets two use cases:

    Use case 1 – Local validation on a customer’s robotic machine.
    Use case 2 – Remote validation on robotic machine from the ZDMP Experimental Facility at Tampere University. 



- This ZDMP sub-project enables Allbesmart to reinforce its position as technology provider of industrial IoT and AR applications, contributing to improve worker satisfaction, maintenance operations of industrial machines and training-on-the job activities toward the zero-defect manufacturing goal. 

- The new possibilities exposed through the ZDMP Marketplace, allow the validation and testing in different industrial environments by potential users/partners, making it market ready, and open new business opportunities, possibly in new markets.  

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This ZDMP sub-project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825631. 

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